WW2 inspired character concepts - allied

With the latest Battlefield game releasing last year I was inspired to visualize my own take of different soldiers during WW2 from each faction. My goal was to stay as authentic as possible with my designs, but still be creative with what I had to work with. I had a blast working on these three and was a good opportunity to teach myself more about WW2 as a whole!
I did a lot of research and reference digging before I started sketching, to make sure I didn't fall in the all to famous "generic design" trap. I wanted to make sure that each character could be easily recognizable as their own respective country, yet feel cohesive standing beside each other. Further down you can find 5 thumbnails for each country, as well as a process GIF!

Emelie johansson bf characters clean allied

From left to right - Britian - USA - Soviet

Emelie johansson britian

Sketches for the British soldiers. My goal with all of the thumbnails was to explore different ideas that I had, and not get stuck with the first sketch.

Emelie johansson usa

Sketches for the USA soldiers.

Emelie johansson soviet

Sketches for the Soviet soldiers.

Emelie johansson bf characters clean allied process

A GIF showing the process from start to finish. I took the thumbnails I felt had the most intriguing design to them and started working out the colors, light, textures, details and so forth.