Bunny Ranger

I was inspired by the very talented artist Satoshi matsuura and his amazing small animal sketches, and wanted to take my own spin on the idea!
This was mainly a way for me to study and explore shape language, silhouette deisgn and level of detail in a more simplistic style. Had a ton of fun and sketched way more small animals than I intended (which I might post one day if time allows)!

Emelie johansson bun cleanup editing right size
Emelie johansson bunny ranger thumbs

The first thumbnails I did to explore silhouettes, poses and detials. I decided to take number 2 further since I felt it had the strongest overall silhouette and room for more detail exploration.

Emelie johansson buns color options

Exploration of color options. I wanted to go with a bit of an over the top feel with the colors to keep the character intriguing, but still stay relatively cohesive with my colors.

Emelie johansson bun final color option

Final color version! Tried out a few more ideas and ended up changing some colors here and there, as well as changing some proportions of some objects to make the silhouette read better.

Emelie johansson bun cleanup process gif

A GIF of the overall process! I started of with a very simple sketch and jumped to painting shortly after, since it's way easier and faster to explore ideas that way. After that it's pretty much just cleaning up with lineart, shadows and detials.