Game Project: Echo

Echo is a storydriven adventure side-scroller puzzle game where you follow a young girl named "Mira" through her subconscious. On the way you encounter several obstacles that you need to help her with.
The game was done in 4 weeks by a team of 10 people.

My roles: Environment concept artist, Character concept artist, UI artist, Illustrator.

Download the game here:

Emelie johansson character colour test

Final concept for the character design. The team later decided on the green version to the left, as we felt that it fit the mood of the game the best, and also "popped" the best.

Emelie johansson echo character design 4 images

Earlier concepts for the character. We first wanted to give the character a sense of anonymity and cover her eyes, as well give her a raincoat to fit the theme. The coat was later changed to make it easier to rigg and animate.

Emelie johansson ankarpussel rum paintover

Paintover done for one of the puzzlerooms. The objective was to create something the player could rotate 360 degrees to unlock the next room.

Emelie johansson paintover level 1

Early paintover for the startroom. The objective was to help the 3D artists with asset design and setdressing.

Emelie johansson echo animation reference

Idle animation references I did for our rigger and animator. We wanted the PC to feel anxious yet curious in how she moved.

Emelie johansson color and mood storyboards

Early environment concepts and storyboard for colors and mood throughout the game. The goal was to describe the mood and lighting throughout the game for the 3D artists.

Emelie johansson storyboards

Storyboards for the game start (later scrapped because of time), game ending and the main "mirror mechanic" throughout the game.

Emelie johansson loading screen right dimensions right size with text

In game loadingscreen.

Emelie johansson in game levels screens

In game examples of the levels I did concept art for.