WW2 inspired character concepts - design breakdown

I decided to create a design breakdown for my previous WW2 inspired characters. These sketches served as a great guide for me when I was painting the final versions of the characters and helped me to speed up the painting process by a lot!

I also wanted to to have in mind that the characters should have an overall working and visually intriguing design from all angles, and potentially work as 3D models as well. I wanted to create these sketches as a simple and clear guide for a potential character artist.

I'm by no means a WW2 expert and took a lot of creative freedom on these designs, but I tried to stay as authentic as possible while at the same time keeping visual and game design aspects into consideration.

Emelie johansson usa breakdown

U.S.A character design breakdown. For some reason the U.S.A loves to put their country name all over their equipment, so I followed suit! I also decided to keep the medic a primary green color to make the red medic sign pop better.

Emelie johansson usa breakdown gear

U.S.A details design breakdown. Being a medic I wanted to focus on giving her more utility equipment rather than offensive, since medics tend to fall under the support class.

Emelie johansson soviet breakdown

Soviet/USSR character deisgn breakdown. To break up my 3 silhouettes within the team, I decided to go with a long coat for the Soviet soldier, since it's such a easily recognizable aspect of their uniform.

Emelie johansson soviet breakdown gear

Soviet/USSR details design breakdown. For this one I wanted to have a more offensive solider in mind, but still give him a lot of utility equipment.

Emelie johansson britian breakdown

Britain character design breakdown. My first priority with this one was to spice up the all so famous "boring and very beige" Britain uniform haha! Adding a scarf did a lot for the deisgn.

Emelie johansson britian breakdown gear

Britian details design breakdown. This one got to be full on offensive! I wanted to give him more offensive tools such as grenades and many ammo bags, and a smaller gun as back up och for close range.