Project: Obsidian Oasis creature design

"Obsidian Oasis" is a personal worldbuilding project I've been working on and off on in my spare time. I wanted to challenge myself with creating a world with an isolated society, where the culture and design is inspired bu two clashing visuals. I ended up with mixing "The wild west" theme and traditional themes from India. These people live in an oasis deep in an isolated desert, where no animals exist, only dinosaurs. Some tame, some not!
Through this project I strive to create a variety of different concepts in their own categories. This one will focus on creature design, specifically the raptor mount that the "cowboys" ride.

Emelie johansson raptor concepts smaller

Raptor concept. The goal here was to design a raptor with a more "sturdier" build. The raptor needed to be able to carry a avarage sized human and a variety of equipment.

Emelie johansson raptor thumbs smaller

First thumbnails of the raptor. I wanted to experiment with some different silhouettes for the raptor and ended up with using nr 3. Compared to the others nr 3 felt like the most well fitted to ride on both in size and build.

Emelie johansson raptor animation smaller

Examples of movement and behavior of the raptor.

Emelie johansson raptor colour options smaller

Color options. Of course everyone wants a raptor in their own favorite color!