Flying camera drone

A personal project of mine to practice more hard surface prop concepts! To stay focoused on design and functionality, I wanted to create a smaller mechanical asset, and opted to create a camera drone. I also got to practice some 3D during the process, since the final version was modeled in Maya.

I gave myself a simple prompt to keep track on what was important to include in the design
- Has a camera
- Can both walk and fly
- Can be offensive (optional)
- Should be fairly modern but slightly futuristic

Emelie johansson flying drone presentation
Emelie johansson drones new thumbs

Thumbnails. I intentionally wanted to detail the thumbnails more than I usually do to help myself understand the functionality of each design. This helped me a lot during the 3D process later on and made the process much faster.

Emelie johansson flying standing

Animation ref of standing vs flying.

Emelie johansson animation ref

Animation ref of lifting and landing.

Emelie johansson flying drone presentation process

Process gif! After the initial thumbnails I created a simple 3D base in maya, and then ported it into Unreal for some light set up. I also threw on a simple metal shader from the unreal starter pack, to get a basic metal reflection.