Game Project: Leylines

"Ley Lines" is a first person shooter/platformer in which you use your weapon, not only to vanquish enemies; but also to solve the puzzles and progress in the story. Using a vast movement-set you can traverse the world both horizontally and vertically, use the environment as well as your gun "Ra" to open hidden path ways and bounce far out of the reach of enemies.

The game was made in a total of 7 weeks by a team of 10 people.
My roles: Environment concept artist, prop concept artist, 2D asset artist, UI artist.
Download the game here:

Emelie johansson environment thumbnails smaller

Environment concepts. The vision for the environment was "the inside of a pyramid infected by a futuristic AI". My task was to find a good balance between sci-fi and egyptian elements and explore different prop ideas. Each was done in about 2.5 hours.

Emelie johansson sarkofag finished design smaller

Final design for the sarcophagus lifepod. My goal was to design an asset that could serve as a respawn point if the player dies. It needed to be recognizable yet still fit in with the rest of the "sci-fi egyptian" environment.

Emelie johansson sarcophagus thumbnails small

Thumbnails. My task here was to keep a fairly similar silhouette but still explore different aesthetic approaches. The deisgn needed to easily read as a lifepod/sarcophagus for when the player respawn to feel like they "wake up" from it.

Emelie johansson pelare rent smaller

Pillar concepts. We knew early on in development that the level design would be both horizontal and vertical, and that pillars would be a great modular asset for it. My task was to explore some different shapes and aesthetics for the pillars.

Emelie johansson ui leylines smaller

UI art I did for the menus. The goal here was to create simple UI that fit the same theme and art direction as the rest of the game.

Emelie johansson decal showcase smaller

I was in charge of creating all the 2D assets for the game. My task here where to create not only 2D assets that resembled Egyptian wall paintings, but also create assets for the tutorial level.

Emelie johansson show the way decal showcase

More 2D assets. These served as a "guide" for the player in certain areas where multiple roads existed. My task was to create 2D assets that could be used as "road signs", yet still fit the theme of the game.

Emelie johansson leylines screen 6

In game examples of 2D assets. I solved this by creating a material, consisting of a texture and normal map, then placing it on a simple plane. This way it was easy for me to to create the materials for the 3D artists, and easy for them to set dress.

Emelie johansson leylines screen 3

In game examples of 2D assets, the hub room.

Emelie johansson leylines screen 5

In game examples of 2D assets. A part of the tutorial.

Emelie johansson leylines screen 1

In game examples of 2D assets. Wallrunning and decoration.

Emelie johansson leylines screen 4

In game examples of 2D assets. A part of the tutorial.